The unit turned on thanks to the automatic search, but it does not turn off

During the automatic search process, the remote control sends a rapid sequence of different codes to the unit. It is important to stop the search immediately as soon as the unit comes on or sends a confirmation beep. Try again, making sure you block the remote control immediately, or follow the manual set-up steps, when the code starts flashing on the display, use the arrow buttons to go back to the previous number and try using the controls; if necessary, go back a few more numbers.

I cannot find the brand of my air conditioning

Not all brands are on the list, some companies sell products from other manufacturers under their own brand. We suggest you use the automatic search to find the code. If necessary, wait until the remote control has scanned all codes (approx. 30 minutes, depending on the model), we are sure you will find the right code for your unit.

The remote control works, the unit comes on, but some controls are non-responsive

More than one code may turn a unit on, but if some controls are not working, you are probably using the wrong code. Try other codes or re-run the automatic search.

None of the codes for my brand work

Always try the automatic search, sometimes other codes can work for your unit. Some old-style remote controls are not compatible with universal remote controls; you can check here if the original remote control was among them.